Employee Spotlight: Matias Altamirano

How would you describe your role at BDC? What is exciting about it for you?

My title is Project Coordinator for the E&C department, but my day-to-day role is very fluid. I’ve done work with project management, process engineering, and construction as well. I enjoy working with each of the members of the E&C team on their specialty within the process.

Coordinating meetings with the wastewater team to discuss how to best integrate their equipment at on site, gathering proposals from third-party equipment suppliers, and then, of course, coordinating shipping as well. For example, we have a second big shipment of BTS equipment coming in soon. BTS handles shipping into the port of Genoa, and then it’s our responsibility to get the equipment from Genoa to the port of Baltimore.

It’s exciting to see the whole process, from land acquisition to permits and contracts, and then equipment and construction.

What’s been inspiring for you? recently or in general

I’ve built a climbing wall, a bouldering wall, in the shed at my house. It’s been a six-month process, starting with cleaning out the garage (laughs). It’s not totally finished but I can already climb on it. I like doing exercise, but it has to be a fun activity. So yeah, it’s been great to have this climbing wall during these past months.

Imagine a post-COVID, celebratory BDC potluck… what dish are you bringing?

This is a good question because it’s making me hungry. I would bring something Ecuadorian to represent (laughs). llapingachos, they’re potato patties with cheese in the center, fried and you can put avocado and hot sauce on top. You’re supposed to make them with these special potatoes that we have an Ecuador that are very very yellow.

After everyone eats, we all go outside and are hanging out around a fire. Someone asks you to cue up some music. What is one song that is definitely going on your playlist?

“Aguitaecoco” — by Simon Grossman. I think that would be a good fit: pretty mellow, good for sitting by the fire.

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