Companies & Institutions

We proudly partner with a wide variety of companies and institutions that face a daunting challenge -- disposing organic waste in a cost effective yet sustainable manner. 

Our solutions-based approach to organic waste management (coupled with 20 years of experience and over 200 anaerobic digesters financed, designed, built and operated throughout the world) allows us to: 
  • Solve waste management challenges
  • Improve production inefficiencies
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Meet corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.

  Why Partner With BDC?

  • Assess your waste challenges and support your renewable energy needs
  • Provide operational insights and technologies to meet your needs and increase your profit margins
  • Deliver proven technology with a positive ROI
  • Offer the right microbiology recipe to provide a consistent supply of renewable natural gas
  • Continual operations, management and service offerings to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Create a sustainable cost-effective solution for clients, constituents, and customers
  • Enable good business that's good for the environment