Companies & Institutions

Businesses across the United States – from food processors to agricultural growers, from poultry and meat processing to sports stadiums and cruise liners – are often burdened by organics disposal challenges and high-cost fuel needs.

To meet that challenge, many are turning to anaerobic digestion as this well-proven technology can make a profound impact on the economics surrounding a company’s organics disposal challenges while ensuring the ability to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Capable of breaking down organic materials naturally using micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen, Bioenergy Devco and anaerobic digestion can have a strong impact on eco-friendly organics recycling objectives, producing truly renewable natural gas and nutrient-rich soil amendment in the process.

Breaking Down Our Methodology

Our solutions-based approach to organics management – coupled with 22 plus years of experience and over 230 anaerobic digesters financed, designed, built and operated throughout the world – allows us to construct tailored, cost-suited facilities for a wide variety of companies and institutions looking to tackle zero waste objectives. Anaerobic digestion effectively decreases fossil fuel use, the reliance on chemical fertilizers, reduces issues around wastewater and soil contamination, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, providing businesses with the ability to:

  • Fix your operational expense surrounding the disposal of excess organics
  • Reduce your transport charges
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Avoid disposing organics into landfills or incinerators, which release carbon dioxide or methane and accelerate the climate crisis
  • Create truly renewable natural energy, aiding in the transition away from fossil fuels

Pathway to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Goals

Bioenergy Devco partners with companies and institutions in the finance, design, build and operation of a customized anaerobic digester that meet the needs of improving margins while delivering answers to the challenges of organics recycling, directly managing tailored specifications around:


Pinpointing Sources of Excess Organics

We identity high-impact sites capable of handling large quantities of organic residuals, strategically placing anaerobic digestion facilities that divert excess organics destined for already crowded landfills or pollution-causing incinerators. We leverage decades of experience and, guarantee effective organics management without disrupting business operations

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Energy Demand

We offer the right microbiology recipe to provide a consistent supply of renewable natural gas for facilities and compressed natural gas for transportation fleets. Turning your excess organics into an energy asset, we can guarantee a long-term positive return on investment.


Permitting and Accessibility

When choosing a location for our facilities, we look at logistically smart permitting with access to major highways, railroad connections, and even barge entry points, maintaining community partnerships and safeguarding companies from local oversight risks.

"Join us in the clean energy revolution and discover the benefits of utility-scale renewable natural gas and sustainable organics recycling!" - Shawn Kreloff