4 thoughts on “Tour the Maryland Bioenergy Center, Jessup”

  1. Debbie Nelson

    What are the uses for the natural gas? What are the unknown side effects that you found from this location? Does the plant itself use more energy than it provides?

    Hi Debbie, Thank you for reaching out. The natural gas can be used for heating, electricity and compressed further for use in fleet vehicles. We have not experienced any side affects at this location. The plant does not use more energy than it provides. We aim for better air, water and soil quality in the areas we develop in.

  2. Frederick Morgan

    Regarding the anaerobic digestion process for your facilities, is higher purity oxygen utilized to successfully remove the H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) to eventually obtain RNG (Renewable Natural Gas)? If not, for a gas to energy project, do you just use air injection as nitrogen content would not be an issue? Thank you for your time!

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