Finally, what’s good for the economy is good for the environment.

As a leader in your community, you can divert organic wastes destined for already crowded landfills or pollution-causing incinerators.

Using a combination of natural processes (similar to the microbes you have in your stomach -- think probiotics on an industrial scale), municipal organic solid waste can be turned into renewable natural gas and organic soil amendment. 

Create a sustainable community for generations to come.

Our anaerobic digesters insure a reliable renewable energy supply from organic sources.  We divert waste from landfills and incinerators, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and create non-fossil fuel renewable natural gas, as well as healthier soils, without impact on air or water quality.

Partnering with Bioenergy DevCo is an investment in a long, healthy future.

Going forward, we: 

  • Identify and permit the smartest location for an anaerobic digester (our focus is the right zoning -- close to a highway and gas interconnection)
  • Determine organic waste sources in your city
  • Actively participate in state, county and local community meetings regarding subjects like sustainability and zero waste  

We consider an anaerobic digester to be just the first step in building a long and prosperous relationship with your community.

Contact us to talk about partnering opportunities in your market.