Chief Development Officer

Shawn Kreloff, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kreloff has a 30 year history of successful entrepreneurial ventures and investments. Shawn became interested in anaerobic digestion during his many travels to Europe and due to his long-standing interest in environmental issues. Mr. Kreloff began research into anaerobic digestion as a technology because it not only has a positive environmental impact but is also economically sound. Anaerobic digestion uses natural microbes to solve organic waste issues globally; and can help keep our air, water and soil naturally cleaner while simultaneously providing renewable energy and organic fertilizer. It is a great solution for our planet.

Headshot - Peter

Peter Ettinger, Chief Development Officer

Mr. Ettinger is focused on the complex chessboard that makes up the business of anaerobic digestion centered on corporate growth, product development and the forming of innovative partnerships. From municipalities and large food companies searching for solutions to combat incineration and landfill use, to energy and utility company’s looking for sustainable sources of truly renewable natural gas, Ettinger ensures that BDC meets the financial, operational and sustainable solutions to the challenges presented by this diverse group. Whether it be business development planning and implementation or the high-level contacts needed to move projects forward, his success has been centered around first defining the vision and then surrounding yourself with really smart people. A believer in “doing well, by doing good”, Ettinger started out in the field committed to finding a solution to the issues surrounding healthy soils along the Chesapeake and found digestate from the anaerobic digestion process fit the bill. His insight and direction on what it takes to transition an idea from the bench to the marketplace has been credited with sales, operational growth, as well as helping raise millions in the venture and investment markets.

Headshot - Chris

Christopher Galle, Chief Financial Officer

Christopher worked in the Investment Banking Division of Barclays from 2011 to 2018 focusing on financial institutions.  While at Barclays Mr. Galle executed both M&A transactions as well as a variety capital markets offerings including debt and equity for clients. Prior to his time at Barclays, Mr. Galle worked in Lehman Brothers Private Equity Group from 2005 to 2009 where he conducted analysis on private fund investments as well as direct co-investment opportunities. Before joining Lehman Brothers, he worked at Commerce Street Capital (fka SAMCO Capital Markets) focused on providing advisory services to community banks in Texas. Mr. Galle has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BBA with Honors from Texas Tech University.

Headshot - Gordon

Gordon Holk, Director of Engineering & Construction

Gordon has 30 years of experience in development, design review, construction, commissioning, plant operations, and asset management of power plant projects. Mr. Holk has been involved in delivering twelve projects, eight as the Owner’s Representative, from initial due diligence, through construction and to commercial operations totaling over 5,200 MWs and over $3.6 billion in capital cost.  In addition to power plant construction, he has been the project manager, overseeing numerous infrastructure projects that includes water, sewer, natural gas and fuel oil pipelines, and electrical transmission and switchyards. Mr. Holk has an AAS degree in Business Administration with honors from State University of New York-Canton and is a US Navy veteran.

Headshot - Vinnie

Vinnie Bevivino, Director of Organics

Vinnie has been a leader in food waste recycling and soil fertility in Maryland for more than a decade. He was a co-founder of ECO City Farms, where he demonstrated and taught intensive and sustainable urban agriculture based on composting and soil health. He went on to start Seed and Cycle, a construction company that built greenhouses and composting systems for many of the small rural and urban farms in the DC/Baltimore region. He then started and operated Chesapeake Compost Works, at the time the largest food waste composting facility in Maryland. There he and his team received material from many of the region’s largest food waste generators and processed it into a line of bagged compost-based soil amendments sold throughout the mid-Atlantic. Now, as the Director of Organics for BioEnergy DevCo, he is responsible for analyzing and sourcing feedstocks and developing markets for digestate for a series of AD facilities in and around the east coast of the United States and beyond.