Our anaerobic digesters, microbiological recipe, facility design and implementation are optimized based on the specific goals and objectives of the stakeholders.

We provide: 

  • Acquisition and analysis of feedstocks
  • Robust market development for bioenergy and digestate
  • Unparalleled design and engineering expertise
  • Full financing and construction management
  • Efficient facility operation and maintenance
  • A microbiology recipe based on 20 years of data and feedstock management
  • A dynamic cost analysis that will increase operating margins while addressing waste disposal and energy needs

BDC is the world’s premier one-stop shop for site-specific solutions, bridging the gap between organic waste recycling and renewable energy production to create exciting opportunities in sustainability and resilience.

BDC Develops Two Types of Facilities: 


If a city, company, or large academic institution generates enough organic waste and/or consumes enough energy, BDC will finance, design, build and operate a custom facility to meet their specific waste disposal and renewable energy needs.

We build facilities that streamline business processes, cut operational expenses, reduce carbon footprint, and create a positive return on investment - a true win / win for everyone involved.



Owned & Operated

BDC also owns and operates its own facilities in which organic waste from multiple sources is co-mingled and co-digested

Renewable natural gas generated through the anaerobic digestion process is harnessed and distributed through partnerships with utility companies and energy providers.  

BDC injects renewable natural gas directly into the pipeline, creates CNG filling stations, and provides this sustainable source of clean energy for corporate and institutional use.

In either of these two facility types, BDC takes a lead role throughout every step of the process.

Digester Plant