Digestate is highly concentrated in organic matter and plant nutrients, making it an excellent soil amendment.

In addition to renewable natural gas, our AD facilities generate another byproduct called “digestate”. 

It is considered the hidden gem of the anaerobic digestion (AD) story because it provides plants with the natural nutrients needed to thrive.

 Using digestate as a soil amendment increases its capacity to hold storm and irrigation water.  This makes plants more resistant to drought, and ensures nutrients can be delivered in plant available form.

In the state of Maryland, for example, digestate created from the anaerobic digestion process is now legislatively recognized as equivalent to compost.


Like compost, applying digestate feeds the entire soil ecology and results in healthier landscapes, farms, and neighborhoods.

Digestate also sequesters carbon in the soil, thereby removing CO2 from the atmosphere that would otherwise drive global climate change.

Our Product Mix: Custom digestate-based products based on local restrictions, needs, and uses.

  • A pumpable slurry that can be sprayed and injected into soils as a liquid fertilizer. 
  • Dewatered into a solid, which can be either land applied with a manure or compost spreader, or blended into subsoil and other aggregates to manufacture topsoil, bioretention soils, green roof soils, and other engineered soils.
  • Dried and formed into granules or pellets, and nitrogen or phosporous can be removed using NITROstrip technology.  

By using digestate derived from the anaerobic digestion process instead of fossil fuel based synthetic fertilizers, we save energy, cut consumption of fossil fuels, reduce our carbon footprint, and create healthy living soils.


Want a sample?

In some cases we can offer samples depending upon your location.

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