The Maryland Bioenergy Center

Maryland Bioenergy Center is Maryland’s premier organics recycling facility.
Centrally located in the Maryland Food Center in Jessup, the facility is less than 30 miles from all of Baltimore and Washington, DC. Within this facility, excess organics produced by the region’s food manufacturers and retailers are transformed into renewable energy and fertile soil amendments.
This remarkable transformation both decarbonizes Maryland’s waste and energy sectors, enabling our businesses and communities to prepare for a healthy and sustainable future.  Learn More

close up of a green anaerobic digestion tank with white dome with blue skies on green grass
Arial photo of the BIC showing the long building, the drive and the composting area, on a sunny day with a long view of the surrounding area

The Bioenergy Innovation Center

Currently under construction and located in Seaford, Delaware, the Bioenergy Innovation Center (BIC) is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, helping to build healthy soils by enriching the land, creating new opportunities for farmers and consumers throughout the Delmarva peninsula.
The BIC is currently operating as a compost facility with sales of this organic product throughout the Delmarva. The addition of an anaerobic digestion system will enhance the facility’s outputs to include RNG and digestate that can be used as a soil amendment.  Learn More 
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Georgia Bioenergy Center

The Georgia Bioenergy Center is coming soon!
Our mission in Gainesville is to establish an advanced facility committed to protecting traditional lifestyles, contributing to the creation of nutrient-rich soil, and forging new sustainable prospects for the poultry industry, farmers, businesses and consumers across Hall County.
Our industrial-sized, fully enclosed anaerobic digestion sites have the potential to propel the community significantly toward a sustainable food system and climate change mitigation.  Learn More 
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Conceptual Rendering of a bioenergy facility
BTS Biogas Anaerobic Digestion Facility Italy


Our wholly-owned subsidiary, BTS Biogas, brings a wealth of knowledge amassed over 25 years in anaerobic digestion. Together, we excel as global leaders, specializing in the finance, design, construction, engineering, and operation of anaerobic digestion facilities.  Learn More 
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