Join the clean energy revolution with a consistent source of Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) and a sustainable solution for your clients and community. 

Everyone, from Governors to County Executives, CEO’s to shareholders, are demanding true renewable energy solutions to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

State and local regulators have now embraced anaerobic digestion as a proven clean energy solution that solves dual renewable challenges -- lessening the burden on landfills and reducing the need for incineration -- all while producing a consistent source of renewable natural gas.

We proudly partner with utility, gas and energy companies to:

  • Create clean, consistent, renewable energy from sustainable sources
  • Partner with cities, towns and companies seeking to reduce organic waste
  • Eliminate the reliance on fossil fuels and embrace sustainability
  • Establish a new and consistent revenue source
  • Discover a “peaker”opportunity -- delivering sustainable electricity in the summer and renewable natural gas in the winter
  • Create a strong economic development story centered around the environment, sustainability and the ability to serve local interests
  • Increase product offerings through targeted “front of meter” solutions to those clients with significant renewable gas requirements
  • Support CHP deployment 
  • Develop sustainable co-generation solutions for proposed green business parks 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Tell a community-based story that is both environmentally and business friendly
  • Support economic development in the community with academic alliances and jobs of the future

The BDC partnership can be designed around the particular end client or community interests and ranges from pipeline injection (ask about our track record throughout Europe) cleaning and deployment partnership with the utility or even developing storage solutions in target markets for peak use.

Contact us to talk about partnering opportunities in your market.

Renewable Natural Gas