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Bioenergy Devco Hosts US Senator Cardin at Maryland Bioenergy Center

Bioenergy Devco CEO Shawn Kreloff Senator Cardin

Sen. Cardin toured the Maryland Bioenergy Center, the only commercial scale organics recycling facility in the state.

ANNAPOLIS, Md.Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Bioenergy Devco, a global leader in the design, engineering, construction, financing, and operation of advanced anaerobic digester systems, was honored to host United States Senator Ben Cardin at its Maryland Bioenergy Center in Jessup, Maryland. Bioenergy CEO Shawn Kreloff guided Senator Cardin through the Company's organics recycling facility, the first commercial-scale facility of its kind in the state. The facility uses the natural process of anaerobic digestion to recycle up to 110,000 tons of organics annually, producing renewable natural gas for energy and sustainable soil amendment for agricultural and other land uses.

"Bioenergy Devco operates organics recycling facilities worldwide, and we are passionate about expanding in the U.S., beginning with the Maryland Bioenergy Center," said Bioenergy CEO Shawn Kreloff. "Anaerobic digestion reduces the emissions of greenhouse gasses from food waste, creates a nutrient-rich soil amendment and a sustainable energy source that moves us towards circularity at scale. Educating communities, regulators and legislators about the ecological and economic benefits of organics recycling is a core mission of Bioenergy, and we are grateful to Senator Cardin for taking the time to visit our facility and learn more about anaerobic digestion."

"The work of Bioenergy Devco holds the promise of making our communities healthier, and I was excited to tour and learn more about the company's organics recycling facility, the first of its kind in Maryland," said Senator Cardin. "By connecting the resources of the federal government with critical infrastructure like organics recycling facilities, composting facilities, and wastewater infrastructure, we can take actions to reduce waste and protect the environment. I am committed to ensuring that the federal government is a good partner with the state of Maryland and local governments and businesses in supporting zero waste goals and generating high-quality jobs."

At Bioenergy Devco organics recycling facilities, food waste is recycled through the process of anaerobic digestion, a naturally occurring process in which organic materials are broken down by microorganisms. The output is an organic, nutrient-rich soil amendment equivalent that can be land applied or mixed to create topsoil. The fully-enclosed system captures and collects the methane gas released during the process creating a sustainable source of renewable natural gas that can be piped directly to utilities or converted to green hydrogen.

"Maryland is serving as a leader in advancing this technology through forward thinking legislation and support from state and local governments. Our combined efforts will help Maryland in meeting our growing renewable energy needs and accomplish aggressive climate goals," added Kreloff.

The Maryland Bioenergy Center began operation in 2022. The facility is capable of recycling 110,000 tons of organics annually to produce approximately 312,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas for energy and more than 16,000 tons of rich, fertile soil amendment. The resulting greenhouse gasses prevented from being released into the atmosphere has the equivalent environmental impact of nearly 70,000 acres of U.S. forests in one year or 82 times the size of Central Park.

About Bioenergy Devco
Bioenergy Devco is a global leader in the design, engineering, construction, financing, and operation of advanced anaerobic digester systems. Our proven technology uses naturally occurring biological processes and provides a scalable option to help communities and businesses transform their waste and energy sectors. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, Bioenergy Devco has built 250 and currently manages more than 150 organics recycling and clean energy generation facilities worldwide, and its anaerobic digesters help mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuel.

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