Palletized Food Waste Recycling

Palletized Recycling

If your business has food or beverage product on pallets that needs to be recycled and destroyed, we have a responsible and eco-friendly solution.

We use a natural process called anaerobic digestion to recycle food waste into renewable natural gas and a healthy soil amendment.

If your business has pallets of surplus, expired, recalled, or damaged food and beverage products in or around New Caste, Delaware, we are able to receive them for destruction and recycling.

Food waste will be recycled at the Maryland Bioenergy Center, a state-of-the art food waste anaerobic digester located at the Maryland Food Center in Jessup, Maryland. Recycling food waste at the Maryland Bioenergy Center reduces Scope 3 Emissions.

We offer:
• Quick, confidential, easy recycling of palletized food products
• Certificate of Destruction documentation
• Competitive pricing
• Transportation options
• Fast response and acceptance


New Castle

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