EPA Briefs Leaders on the Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion in Jessup, MD

BDC hosted business, government and sustainability leaders from across Maryland and DC this week for a briefing with EPA representatives. The visit was part of a coordinated effort by the agency to build capacity for organics recycling in the US. Dana Aunkst, Director of the EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Land, Chemical and Redevelopment Division and Melissa Pennington, EPA Sustainability Coordinator and one of the country’s foremost experts on anaerobic digestion (AD), reiterated EPA’s commitment to and investment in AD technology and infrastructure across the country.

Momentum and excitement around what’s possible in Maryland with new utility-scale AD infrastructure was clear among briefing attendees, including Dr. Charles Glass, Director of Maryland Environmental Service; representatives from the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Maryland Energy Administration and the Maryland Department of Agriculture; Sustainability heads from Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County and DC; and executives of some of the state’s largest food processors.

As awareness across the country and in Maryland grows around the harmful environmental, social and economic impacts of food waste, AD is quickly becoming the preferred, sustainable method for diversion of organic waste from landfills, incineration and land application. We encourage food waste generators to learn more about how Maryland’s new organics recycling requirements will impact your company’s waste management practices. Contact our team at info@bioenergydevco.com for more information and to secure capacity for your organics.

We look forward to continuing the momentum as we approach full operations at the Jessup digester before the end of this year.

“We (at the EPA) have been saying ‘recycle your organics’ for a long time, and we’re finally seeing the type of investment and infrastructure that can begin making this a reality at scale. It’s a really big deal for the state and region. You can keep food waste out of landfills all you want — but if the infrastructure isn’t there to manage it sustainably — you’ve still got a problem.”

-Melissa Pennington, Sustainability Coordinator, EPA Region 3

“We are proud to partner with businesses and counties across the state to confront climate change head-on. Bioenergy Devco’s new Jessup digester will be Maryland’s first utility-scale facility, providing the state’s food waste generators with a unique opportunity to meet internal sustainability goals and exceed the requirements outlined in the new law. At the forefront of redefining organics management and amplifying organics recycling programs, we’re turning unavoidable food waste into materials that protect the environment and bolster the economy.”

-Shawn Kreloff, CEO, Bioenergy Devco

“Utility-scale anaerobic digestion is at the cutting edge of sustainability. Bioenergy Devco’s new digester in Jessup will put Maryland on the map — working at a local level to accomplish global environmental impact … this is going to be a global effort.”

-Andrew Cassilly, Senior Advisor to Governor Larry Hogan

“We’ve known for the past 20 years that we needed a better solution for managing our unavoidable food waste. No compositing facility has been large enough. Our partnership with Bioenergy Devco is a win-win for the company, for our customers and for the environment.”

-Jason Lambros, Vice President, Coastal Sunbelt Produce

“You can keep food out of landfills all you want, but if you don’t have anywhere to send it, you’re not doing anything [impactful]”. — Melissa Pennington, EPA Sustainability Coordinator

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