Waste-To-Energy Incentives Encourage Plant Expansion

Bioenergy Devco CEO Shawn Kreloff was interviewed by “American Recycler” regarding his take on Waste-to-Energy in The Organics Waste Space.  “Over recent years, organics recycling has experienced significant expansion. However, when it comes to the waste-to-energy realm, particularly incineration, we haven’t seen the construction of any major facilities in recent years,” Kreloff said.

Waste-to-energy is a form of energy recovery through anaerobic digestion. Kreloff stressed that the growth and expansion of commercial scale anaerobic digestion facilities is the path forward for making meaningful impact on mitigating emissions from food waste and landfills.  Read more

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  1. Paketbox

    As I conclude reading, I’m left with a sense of optimism and a belief in the power of innovation to shape a greener, more sustainable world. Your blog post successfully communicates not just the technical aspects of waste-to-energy but the broader implications it has on communities and economies. It’s a testament to the exciting potential of turning waste into a valuable resource. Kudos on illuminating the path toward a more sustainable future!

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